Importing styles from sketchup artists


I have seen some cool styles on sketchup artists , and have tried to import with no luck,how to do this ??


How are you importing them? Try going Window > Styles browser and open the .style file from the Detail menu (it looks like an arrow)? You also can create a new favorite from the same location.


thanks for reply, i downloaded the file and have tried to drag and drop them into SU(pro if it makes any difference) ,cant drop them into the styles browser…, when i try to drop to SU, i get a window saying that “ this style is not a sketchy edges style style builder can not open this “
(I’m on mac)


when i double click on the style in my downloads, it opens style builder, and shows “file"light pencil overlay and color wash style” is not a sketchy edge style. style builder can not open this file.


here is my update
i downloaded the style w firefox and now it opens in style builder,from here i don’t know what to do


Put your downloaded Styles in the Styles folder*.
That is the files that have the file-type suffix “.style”…
You can keep them in a subfolder if you like.
The Styles or the subfolder of Styles then appear in your Styles Browser.
Select the one you want to add to your model…

*To open your default Styles folder copy+paste this + “enter” in Window > Ruby Console…



Style Builder just lets you create a sketchy edge.

Are you trying to drop in a .STYLE file into the Styles browser window? I’m not having any issue dragging a STYLE file into one of my collections nor into My Model style browser window. I’m on Windows.


Did you download a ZIP file? If so, unzip it. It should have a .STYLE extension.


you da maaaan!!
thanks for your help, i somehow expected that this would be easier,like drag and drop,
i did have to restart for the styles to upgrade…
this forum is awesome
thanks much