Import Style file

I am trying to load a Style file into SU2021 from an outside source.
When I click on the Detail (arrow) button in the Style tray and then " open or create a collection" it takes me into the folder in Windows 10 where I have stored the Style file that I want to load into SU.
Yet, the Style file is invisible.
I know it is there, however, because I can see it when I go into Windows directly not accessing it thru SU.
The screen shot below is the file visible from within Windows 10. I’ve been able to load the Soft LineWork file but not the Color and Texture file - which is the one I want to also load into SU.
When I access this folder within SU nothing is visible.

What are you choosing in the Details menu? Open or Create… and Add Collection… Are looking for folders, not the style file itself. I would suggest that you put the style into a folder that you can then select the folder using one of those options.

When I add new styles for SketchUp I create a folder in the default location (User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp…) so that the folder appears automatically in the Styles drop down list when I next open SketchUp. Over the years I’ve accumulated lots of folders (and lots of styles, most of which I’ve made myself) and all of those folders are in that location.

Thank you will look into this.
Much appreciated.

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That seemed to have done the trick.

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