SketchupUp Pro 2023: login flow does not work


I just purchased SketchUp pro, so that I could open it on Windows and save some time on doing some color selection on a model made by my architect.

I installed the app fine, and there is some upsetting login scheme that tries to connect on the loopback interface on a port where nothing is listening on:


Ok, so somehow changing my default browser to Edge fixed it, even after disabling noscript for the smartypants who could recognize that icon.

But now it’s not recognizing the license I purchased with my account. I guess that has to do with that “confusion”: wherein my account got somehow split when I purchased the product:

How can I use the product I purchased?

You must download sketchup for windows from this website:

Then you’ll have the installer in your downloads folder, make a right click on it and choose run as administrator, follow the steps and you should be good to go, when you open the program for the first time you’ll be asked to sign in using the information you used to buy the pro license.

I signed in with the account that I used to purchase the license, but it is not recognizing my purchase.

As you can see in my previous screenshot when I purchased the product it apparently split my account into sub-accounts, and the Sketchup application is not understanding that.

I never asked or ticked any checkbox to have my account split in two this way.

My question still stands, how can I use the license I purchased?

This is a user forum. Your best course of action for licensing issues is to contact support and open a ticket. (It’s the middle of the night here in the U.S. 11PM in Boulder, CO.)

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That’s what I wanted to do at first, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that, I finally found the support page at

Choose an account and check the ‘Member’ section, the email which you are using in the SketchUp app should be given product access (click the three dots).

If the product is not in the first chosen account, switch to the other on the left side by clicking on the down arrow below your email.

You might have to sign out in the app after giving product access and then back in.

The two accounts you made exist because in one case you used your first and last name, and in the other you used your first name and then your forum name instead of your last name. Both the trial and the subscription started on the same day, but were under the two different accounts you made.

It shouldn’t matter though, both are assigned to your email address. If you open SketchUp and sign in you should see that you have a Pro subscription.

There is one potentially confusing thing, which is that the Studio trial that you start will still continue to run until April 4th. If the license screen mentions a trial expiring, it would be that one. The Pro subscription should be good for another year, and is currently set to auto renew on March 28th 2025.

If you want to see the two things in your account page, choose either of the Personal Account entries. One will show the trial, the other will show the Pro subscription.

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Thank you, yes support did something on my behalf overnight, I signed-out and back-in this morning and my license properly shows up now.

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