How to get SketchUp Pro Working

I tried to go through the steps to upgrade to pro; however, I now have two licenses for Shop and one for Pro. Below is the circle of tears I go through when I try to use Pro.

When I clicked on “Edit Plan”, I was not given the option to upgrade your subscription from Shop to Pro. The screen informed me that I already had Pro installed. When I tried to use Pro I get the screen 1) Please Authorize Sketchup with two options. Buy SketchUP and Add Classic License. When I click the link “Buy SketchUP” I am taken to 2) the storefront to purchase Pro. 3) I purchased Pro Saturday 11/16 and downloaded it.

When I tried to use it, 1) I get the screen Please Authorize Sketchup with two options. Buy SketchUP and Add Classic License. When I click the link “Buy SketchUP” 2) I am taken to the store front to purchase Pro.

Having learned my lesson the last time, I stopped there. (By the way, the last time I went through all of these gyrations and had 800 dollars deducted from my bank account, it caused me to get an insufficient funds fee.)

Anyway, I’m going to try something, I going to uninstall Pro and try to download again from the email confirmation.

I’m back… Now to continue; below you can see the 11 step gyration I am taken when I try to use sketchup Pro.

I know the problem is more than likely between the keyboard and floor of my office;<). I’m gonna cool my jets till I hear back from you on how to get this SUPERCOOL software going. Thank you for your patience with me. By the way I did not receive Proration deduction.

The following are the screenshots of the gyration.

Your screenshots did not make it to the forum. Try again to upload them or put them on a hosting site, like dropbox, and provide a link.

Hi Rod. Couple of things to know:

These forums are amazing at answering all general how to questions, and people here will know what is likely to be the answer to a license or ordering issue. But they are not SketchUp support, and would not be in a position to help solve the problem.

Your pictures didn’t come through, possible because of having recently joined the forum.

The normal contact page is this one:

I see you have used that before. The person helping you in your current case happenss to be the head of the customer service team, and is likely to figure out how to solve everything, but I’ll check on Monday as to what will be done.

If you want to use SketchUp before then you could go to your account management page:

In there are current and expired products. At the moment you have your expired (because of being refunded) Pro assigned to you. You could ignore that and instead go to the current Pro products that you have, and assign one of those to your email address.

The images all showed up in the support ticket, so no need for them to appear here too.

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A note about proration, for anyone who chances across this topic while trying to find out what on earth proration is…

Ignoring tax in these examples, to make it slightly easier to follow, suppose you buy Shop on Jan 1st, for $119, then on July 2nd you edit your plan to make it be Pro, at that point you have already paid $59.50 towards the $149.50 that six months of Pro would cost. So, you are charged $90 instead of $149.50, and the end date of the subscription remains Dec 31st.

A variation of that, which Rod hit, is where you add a Pro seat to your existing Shop subscription. In the July 2nd case you would pay the $149.50, but you would still own an independent Shop subscription that can be assigned to a different person than the one who gets Pro. Both seats would expire on Dec 31st.

If the dates are closer together it becomes harder to notice the proration discount, especially once tax gets involve. Roughly speaking, in Rod’s case the proration figure for adding a Pro seat was about $277 instead of $299, but with tax it went just above $299, giving the impression that no proration had happened.

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So now, Rod can assign it to another Trimble ID, in rhe original TID’s AMP
That other can activate the desktop on two machines and has it’s own AMP.

I’m sure the overall goal is to end up with one single Pro subscription. We’ll hopefully get there somehow.

Wow that was fast. all the comebacks I mean. I did not attach the screen shots as I have spent several hours this morning in attemp to get the pro versions working I have move on to the free online one till I can figure out why I cant authorize the Pro.

The authorizing part just involves going to the Subscription part of the Manage License screen, and use the Sign In button to sign in with the email that the subscription is assigned to.

You have the extra complication that you have a now expired subscription that is assigned to you. If you are signed in already, try signing out and in again, and hopefully the system will reconsider things.

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Screen Shots below

  1. (upload://irRW6aLnVtpZEWA0MC7yc3Fk1dk.png)
    2 ![2|690x487]
    3(upload://b88zeF2cG4YiaXuJDrkevDBPr2r.png) ![3|637x500]
    4(upload://2NuKXz1EXRn8py9bDxakUTrkp3V.png) ![4|273x500]
    5(upload://hpzGATme3L3vuZMhPcpVpaTPdoZ.png) ![5|494x436]
    6(upload://oKzYFNOdvNLfQMf5W7L3Bn5m4Ai.png) ![6|504x443]
    7(upload://tBdPNhXyGtje4ibZixxs66SAo8g.png) ![7|528x427]
    8(upload://ekOKKisux3m1YYim6zxBEcw3PSc.png) ![8|637x480]
    9(upload://v7qOayTFFe4htV5dpKJ3Y0HS3Az.png) ![9|547x500]
    10(upload://lB3j95snEhyq9laXDll12sWNyBC.png) ![10|589x500]
    11 (upload://oPdKYbzPj0WedNkk60Ivg603sJX.png) ![11|690x255]

Thank you Mr. Colin. Signing out and back in allowed me to get to the authorization page… I’m in like Flint. Now we just need to cancel the Shop seats ( I never needed but one) and apply the prorations.

If you know of a particular proration that didn’t apply, reply to the support ticket with details about that one.

Just to get a very important historical fact in order: That is “In like Flynn” - as in the Aussie born Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, who had a reputation for his conquests.

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Or perhaps the 1967 James Coburn movie which actually was “In like Flint”. It was however a play on “In like Flynn”.