Sketchup pro 2015 download needed

I own a sketchup pro 2015 licence and have been successfully using it for the last couple years. I have no need to upgrade/pay a subscription. I just got a new computer and was shocked that I am not able to download the software THAT I OWN from the sketchup website on to my new system. I no longer have the installer and have no idea how to get the software on to my new computer. Can anyone help me by providing the software?
the service from Sketchup is really quite terrible.

Untill now?

for the record, you do not own the software, just the right to use it (license) you should always save a copy of the installer.

enter your license info in the welcome screen (add license)

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If you had searched this forum for ‘download sketchup pro 2015’ you would have found a range of sources for Windows and Mac and in different languages.

You don’t provide enough information for me to point you to a particular source.

Please complete your user profile. Operating System 10 and Graphics card ooo are not meaningful responses.

Help us to help you by completing your profile.

Mike has made an intelligent guess that you want it in English and for Windows 10.

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See from the SketchUp Install Guide :

I have Windows 10, Nvidia Quadro P2000 video card
my perpetual licence is for Sketchup Pro 2015

If anyone can help me with an application download, I would really appreciate it.

Did you see the link in the post before?

Thank you Dezmo. That link worked!

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