How to find license for SketchUp Pro

I have installed SketchUp Pro. I used it for about an hour and then shut it down. I also shut down Windows 10 and went back in. I opened up SketchUp to use it again and came up with the following aggravation.
We are experiencing technical difficulties
This device is not authorized. Please sign out and sign back in to continue or enter a classic license. Use SketchUp to manage a classic license.
Nothing I’m trying seems to help. I don’t even know what the LC looks like. The only thing they can find that looks somewhat like an LC is SKP-PRO??/?.

I did have the trial installed prior to purchasing and installing SketchUp Pro. Before I installed the purchased SketchUp Pro I uninstalled the trial.

Have you tried this? Try it here:Trimble Identity

I will give it a try but first I have to find the license number. The only thing I found so far is something that looks similar to this:
Which I doubt is the actual license number. But one never knows.

You don’t need a license number, the license is tied to your login, so sign in with the email address and password that you used to purchase the license.