Sketchup's "Create Layout file From scene" feature

Sorry if this has already been covered… if it has, a link would be appreciated.

When I use the Sketchup “Create Layout file From scene” feature the viewports created are off centre in layout.
This is no issue when the style background is white, however, with colured background, the viewport extends over the right margin (landscape view).

While the viewpost can be resized/moved, it becomes cumbersome for 100+ scenes.

Is there a global method to centre viewports. I am running SU 2018… is this feature “fixed” in later versions?

Are you referring to the extension called " Create LayOut File"? If so. There’s been no change in it since it was released in 2015.

You can right click on a viewport and choose Center>Horizontally on Page. Maybe easier to create a shortcut.

I’ve never found it useful or worthwhile putting a single viewport on each page in a woodworking plan but I’m sure that’s just me.

Thanks for the reply Dave. Yes, I was referring to the extension.

Short reply… thanks for that “Right click → centre → Horizontally”… greatly appreciated… exactly what I wanted.

Long reply… I often import copyrighted plans into SketchUp (usually detailed model toys)… I believe it’s an infringement to release the model to non plan paying people.
By exporting it into layout and consequently into a PDF, I don’t believe they have sufficient detail to plagiarise the plan, yet can get a fair perspective of what I’m trying to convey… measurements are deliberately omitted in the PDF.

Again, thanks and keep safe (all)…

Generally if I have to share images of a Sketchup model in LO I turn off the layers for dimensions and text and then provide a screen shot similar to this.

Thanks Dave.

That is neat but way above my pay grade. I’m just a hacker that hates to read… probably why I hadn’t picked up on your tip.
For my purposes, the less time I spend in Layout the better. My primary use of Layout is a 1:1 transition from SketchUp to CorelDraw… usually for laser work… and PDF creation.

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