[Create LayOut File from Scenes] talk, bugs & feature requests

A topic thread to discuss use of, bugs in and feature requests for the SketchUp Team example extension:

Create LayOut File from Scenes
(SketchUp Pro 2016+ Only)

This sample extension creates one LayOut page for each SketchUp scene.



Wow, it’s great.
As a feature I would like to select my LayOut Template with my autotext and a scale used in Layout.
That would be perfect.
Some dreams come true. :heart_eyes:


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work fine on SU2016, waiting 2017 update

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SketchUp 2017 version please…

Thanks for the work-around Dan. I was just wondering how long it takes to update / recompile this script (seeing it is by the base product authors)?

Apparently, in excess of 4 months. :rolling_eyes:

aaaaand, it was released today, saw the updated version on EW this morning.

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Strange, it does not show as “Update Available” in EW dialog inside SketchUp 2016, and the release date on the EW is still “November 17, 2015”.

Although the version has been bumped to 2.0.0.

Any chance this script can be developed to include only the SU scene name in the page name (not the model name or page size), also to place the pages on separate LO layers with the same name as the LO page (SU scene it is derived from)?

I’m trying to facilitate the creation of stacked viewports here. Exporting DWG from LO currently only uses the layers of the LO file, not so friendly when I need to communicate information to other consultants and the use of stacked viewports each on a separate layer may help facilitate flexible communications.

  1. It’s not a script, it is a compiled C extension.
  2. It is actually an example for developers and so the code is open source, and yes, can be modified.
  3. Previously the leading request has been to allow setting a custom template instead of a blank new LayOut file.
  1. touché
  2. this we know, anybody up for it?, unfortunately I cannot code
  3. I didn’t know this, do you think the authors will entertain these requests or not?

Hello. I could not understand whether you can add your template when creating LayOut file. Maybe someone from the developers will help us.

Since this topic thread was created, open from a template has been added to the C API.

C: LODocumentCreateFromTemplate()

For Ruby, you open a template file, and then immediately save it to a new pathname:

doc = Layout::Document.open("C:/path/to/template.layout")
filename = File.join(ENV['Home'], 'Desktop', 'mydoc_v2017.layout')
status = doc.save(filename, Layout::Document::VERSION_2017)

Hello - For someone who does not have any experience coding, is there a way to modify this plugin to select from a specific custom Layout Template, and to apply the scene tab title to the individual sheets? I see that this has been requested before, but I am unclear if a resolution has been found.

Someone in our office (who is no longer with us) previously had this set up for Sketchup 2016, however, as we have updated to Sketchup 2019, we have lost this capability…

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You’d need to install the extension from within SketchUp’s extension manager.


Not sure if they’ve added any config files etc so non-coders can set things to their liking.

The only thing that comes to mind would be modifying the .layout template that the extension uses by default.

I just had to do this and I found a working pathway using create layout extension, and layouts autotext function on a layer shown on every page. Worked smoothly.