Centering Scenes in Viewports

I’m using the same Layout file for all my SketchUp drawings because all the Pages are already set up and I just need to change the reference file link (I believe this is a good practice). My question is, after updating the links, how do you center the new Scene from SketchkUp in the Layout Viewport?

The easiest way I’ve found is to have the model centered in the model space when you create the scene. If the model was centered in the scene you are using as the proxy for your template, the model will be centered in the viewport when you relink to your current project model.

Also make sure that the Camera properties for the viewports are not modified. That is, no Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel.

That seemed to work for one of my Viewports, but in the other one, the Model isn’t centered. I did click on that Viewport and then double-clicked the Model and a hand showed up and allowed me to rearrange the Model, so maybe that’s how it’s done?

You shouldn’t need to do that. Doing what you describe modifies the Camera properties which is what I said not to do. If you opt to do that be prepared for all sorts of mess if you add dimensions and labels to the viewport in LO.

Do you happen to be aware of a video that I could watch that would show several Viewports on one Page and arranging the Viewports/Models?


The only one I’m aware of is one I did in a tutorial series for Fine Woodworking Magazine. It isn’t a free thing, though.

If you share your LO and SU files I could take a look and give you more specifics.

Sure, did this work?
Ellingford Shed 60x100x16.skp (2.5 MB)
Ellingford Shed 60x100x16.layout (7.4 MB)

This worked.

Are you really using a metric paper size? Your model is done in Architectural units so it seems odd to use a metric paper size.

Didn’t realize that.

I prebulld my SKP template with a generic ‘shell’ for a building. I then setup scenes for 3d, elections, sections, tags, etc. I then save this as my default SKP template.

I also do a ‘save as’ and put it in my ‘master templates’ folder. I call it ‘relink-me.skp’. I then make my Layout Template and key my LO file to the SKP file.

When I start a new project I always have the same textures, geometry, tags, scenes, etc.

If my new model is larger than my generic house shape I will just go through my scenes and adjust - for 3d sometimes orbiting and zooming then updating the scenes. For elevations and sections I just hit Zoom Extents and update the scenes.

When I go to LO I relink my template file - most of the scenes show up just fine - for plans, elevation, sections I need to usually adjust the scale.

Once you get the logic of how the two programs work you can speed up your workflow.

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Yeah, this sounds just exactly what I’m trying to do. This is my first experience with SKP and just trying to learn what it will do and cleaning up my messes :wink: Need to learn more about LO.


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Start there. Lots more free materials available.