Sketchup Zooming Problem

I am working on a villa in SketchUp but its very hard to zoom in and zoom out. Sometimes It zooms in excessively and sometimes very very slow zooming.Most of my time waste in zooming in and zooming out without reaching the exact point in sketchup. Please help

You may be far from the origin. Or have some stray geometry far from the origin causing problems. Try copying just the geometry you want and paste into new file to see if that helps.

A backup option is changing your Field of View to ‘1’ in the camera settings. Let us know if/when you figure out a solution. Others on this forum probably have other suggestions as well.

The zoom speed depends on what your cursor is pointing at. Often, when it is on an empty part of your screen, zooming becomes very slow as it is performed in relation to “infinity”. It is best to keep your cursor pointing at model geometry when zooming.


A “space mouse” eliminates the SU zoom speed as related to cursor position and closeness to geometry.

Sometimes the native SU zoom makes sense that it slows down the nearer you get to something of interest, but it can also be a pain when trying to pass through items to get to something else.

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Fast Navigation Commands
• Standard Views (7 views)
• Zoom Extents
• Zoom Window
• Zoom Selection
• Previous (6 views)
• Orbit Tool > Double-click (Moves the center of view to the cursor location)
• Face Context Menu > Align View
• Axes Context Menu > Align View

Fast and Powerful Visibility Commands
• View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model
• View > Component Edit > Hide Similar

Assigning keyboard shortcuts — SketchUp Help


That makes sense. I now give attention to my cursor position while zooming in and out. Thank you…!!