Zoom in and out, slowing it down

I have been using sketch for a while now, for some reason, on a cetrain drawing, when I zoom in or out, it zooms alot and when I try to zoom in close, it zooms way past the object I am working on,. I cannot get in close.

is there a setting that accidentally changed? is there a way to slow doen the zoom speed?

thank you

Hard to say exactly without seeing the model. Might have something to do with where the model is located relative to the origin or maybe some geometry located at a great distance. Share the .skp file so we can help you sort it out.

What operating system are you using? What graphics card? You put NA in your profile but the answers to those question are definitely applicable.

Note too that zooming is relative to what your mouse is pointing at, so when zooming in it is often important to keep it pointing to geometry instead of empty space.

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Usually what @Anssi noted is the culprit. But, in addition, in most cases the OS lets you set a speed for the action of the mouse scroll wheel. SketchUp just sees a series of scroll events that it processes as zoom, so this setting can affect zoom speed too.

thank you guys for the info, I got it corrected. I had another house elevation way off to the left, it was throwing the space off like what Anssi said, I deleted it and it went back to normal

as far as my machine and version, i have 2021 pro and a high power gaming machine

thanks again, everybody was most helpfull

have a happy new year!!