Model is clipping



I am using the 2018 Sketchup Pro and I am having the clipping problem. I have looked on other posts but everything I’ve tried has not worked. What else could I do to try to fix this?


You’re simply zooming in too close. Unless it poses an actual modeling issue, there’s no need to worry about that.


Thanks for the reply, it was doing better when I did that recording. When I first got Sketchup, it would slow down the zoom when I got close to the object, but now it will go straight through the object. I’m not sure if that is tied into clipping of a model, but before I was able to zoom in much more, and the camera would help not to go through the objects as easily.


A lot of the zoom behavior depends entirely on where you have your cursor pointed. If it’s hovering over an object it will zoom slower, but if you’re hovering over empty space, it zooms super fast. Play around to see how it works :slight_smile:


That does look pretty normal to me. Although it looks as though you use a 3d mouse in your example video, which will behave differently to a simple mouse zoom. You can of course, also change the way the 3d mouse behaves in the “3d connection app”.


Reduce your field of view to get closer. If you decrease to 1 deg you can get very close but zooming with Spacemouse will become very slow.


Thank you, I’ll give that a try!


There are some excellent YouTube videos on the subject. Just type in SketchUp and clipping