Zoom Problem

Why can’t I zoom in? The lines disappear.

Set the camera to Perspective instead of Parallel Projection.

Save Parallel Projection for exporting images of your model if you need to but do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective.

I have a perspective.

Make sure you are keeping the cursor on the edge that you are zooming in to.

I sure.

How large is that figure you are trying to zoom? There’s no context by which to tell in your video.

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In your video it looks like you are having difficulty with that. You might find it easier if you start by drawing a rectangle first. Then draw those edges on the face. Once you have the edges completed and can make the object 3D, you can delete that rectangle.

In 1:45 1725 cm How to disable “keeping the cursor on the edge”

You don’t want to disable keeping the cursor on the edge. You want to keep the cursor on the geometry you are zooming in to. If you do what I told you to do, you’ll have a larger target to keep the cursor on.

What do you mean by “in 1:45”?

Tou can try adding a face below. Sometimes SketchUp struggles to find a reasonable zoom speed if there are no faces where you zoom.

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Play video. in 1:45 i show 1725 cm

How to make it so you don’t have to do it.

Both Eneroth3 and I have told you. Draw a rectangle and work on that so you don’t have to keep the cursor on a single edge.

I understand.

But how to make it not necessary to hold the cursor on the object.

Why are you resisting using the Zoom tool like it was meant to be used?

You could select the Zoom tool from the Camera menu or toolbar and then click on the screen and move the cursor up. Or you can use the Zoom to Window as @MikeWayzovski indicated.

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I use scroll

If you want to use the scroll wheel, you’ll need to keep the cursor on the entity you are zooming to. End of story. You can make it easier as we’ve already told you several times by giving yourself a larger entity to keep the cursor on.

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How do I zoom in when I move an object without using the scroll?

I don’t understand what you are asking. Zooming and moving an object are two entirely different things and use different tools.

As I wrote before:

Neither of these methods use the scroll wheel for zooming.

How do I zoom in using a move tool at the same time. I using a move tool and I want to zoom.

If you want to zoom and use the Move tool, you’ll need to use the Scroll wheel for zooming.

You’ve been given multiple options for doing what you want to do. Until you’ve done that, there’s no point in continuing this.