Sketchup for web zoom stops

In Sketchup for Web I have been using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out for many hours with no problem. I am aware that when very close to a surface zoom slows down markedly. Recently, while well away from any surface, zoom has been suddenly slowing down as though close to a surface. If I spin the mouse wheel for 30 seconds, then zoom sometimes resumes normal speed; the only reliable way to resume normal speed to to select Zoom Extents, which resets zoom to normal speed, and then I use the mouse wheel to zoom to my former viewpoint and continue working. Is there a fix for this?

Make sure youre cursor is actually on something. When it’s pointed in empty space zooming slows down significantly.

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Or in some case speeds up madly. Zoom speed when hovering the background could really be tweaked a bit.

When my zoom is working well, it zooms quickly whether my cursor is on an object or on empty space. When my zoom is not working well, it zooms slowly whether my cursor is on an object or on empty space.

The replies I have gotten showed me that I am not describing my problem correctly. For many hours on Sketchup in the past I have successfully used Orbit + mouse wheel as a convenient substitute for Pan. For example, if my model is far to the right of my screen and I want to move it to the center of my screen, I place my Orbit cursor over empty space on the left and roll the mouse wheel out, resulting in high speed Zoom. This causes the model to both shrink and move toward the cursor, toward the center of the screen. When it is in the center of my screen, I move the cursor over the model and wheel in, resulting in high speed Zoom to the original magnification and continue working. So Orbit + wheel HAS been working as Zoom at high speed whether hovering over empty space or over the model.

Recently this has stopped working regularly, and I find that as tweenulzeven says above, that Orbit + wheel is slow over empty space but fast over the model. However, if I then select zoom extents, Orbit + wheel returns to fast speed both over space and model; but after a period of time it reverts to the different speeds again.

An additional puzzle is that this problem occurs irregularly. Right now I have two Sketchup models open in two different tabs. Both have been open for several hours of work. One stays continuously in fast Orbit + wheel, and the other works in fast Orbit + wheel for a while, then reverts to different speed over space and model, and must be corrected with Zoom Extents.

I spend a LOT of time moving around my models. I am aware that Shift + Orbit selects Pan, but if I can stay in Orbit, using the mouse wheel for consistently fast zoom, and the above method for Pan, it would save me a lot of time hunting for the Shift key and the Zoom tool.

Thanks for your help.

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