SketchUp won't start with selected template



I have selected a template to start with but for some reason, each time I create a new document, sketchup starts with a different one. How do you make sketchup stick with a given template?


Have you tried selecting it from the system preferences (found on window/preferences)?

Unfortunately that’s the only thing I can think of, I have no clue on things working on mac.


On Mac, click SketchUp - Preferences then choose Template from the list on the left:

This will show what your current Template is, and allow you to select a new one.


I’m using a 2015 version of Pro with intent for the first time, not being experienced with Sketch Up anyway:

Although the default template should give the model metric units, it remains in imperial units for some mysterious reason. I’m on a Mac running 10.10.5. This sounds a bit like the problem you were having. Any advice welcome. Thanks


Is this a question you can answer? It seems not to have gained anyone’s attention yet.

The topic was a year old, so perhaps no one is looking, or interested?

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to the question about getting notified, yes, I got an email


I’ve just installed 2018 and I have the same problem - I create a new template and make it my default yet it fails to open with the new template - can anyone tell me what’s going on.


Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and select run as administrator?

What exactly did you do to create a new template? When you saved it, did you make sure the Use as default box was ticked?


Yes - I installed it as administrator - I saved the template as my metric and it appeared in the preferences page as my metric and as the default.


I’ve just re-installed it, setup my trays etc and saved as template which it confirmed. Closed the program and reopened - no joy!


I’ve now discovered that on a fresh re-load from a new installation under preferences/files/templates is deselected and shaded out.


It’s grayed out because that is a fixed location that isn’t user-selectable like the other other ones are. There isn’t anything to make it selected or deselected.


What do you see if you click on the folder icon at the right end of that line?


I see my my metric file.


Close SketchUp. Find the file called SharePreferences.json and delete it. It should be in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp

Then reopen SketchUp. You should be able to select your template from the Welcome splash screen so you don’t need to make it again.


I can’t find it - my users doesn’t have a roaming app data file which has me confused.


It’s a hidden file. You need to make it visible.

See this if you don’t know how to do that.


Thanks Dave - I’ve made files unhidden and found that file and erased it but I still can’t save a template that stays when I reload. and the SharePreferences.json returns


That is expected to happen. The idea of getting rid of it was to make SketchUp create a new one.

What template is SketchUp starting with if it’s not your custom template?


It starts with the green ground and the lady standing there


What are the units set to?

What did you do besides changing the units to metric before saving it as a template? How about uploading your template file so we can see it.