SketchUp won't start with selected template



it was set to feet and inches, so I changed it to metric - no difference


my new metric.skp (98.8 KB)


When I open your new metric template, I see that you still have the units set to Architectural and you have not updated the style. where did you change the units

I’ve changed the units to metric, updated the style, deleted Stacy and purged the unused component from the file.

Download and open this file. Immediately use File>Save as template. Make sure Use as Default is checked on. And then see what happens when you open SketchUp again.
my new metric.skp (10.5 KB)


I changed units to metric, background to white and saved as my new metric - still comes up with green new metric.skp (99.0 KB)


I downloaded your file and overwrote my “my new metric: file” and it still came up as green when "my new metric was saved a default file


I didn’t change the background color to white in the file I saved and uploaded.

I opened your latest version and uints are set to meters and the background shows white but you still haven’t updated the style after editing it which you need to do. If you don’t want Stacy to appear when you open the file, delete her and purge the unused component from the In Model Components collection.

my new metric (1).skp (10.0 KB)


I tried again and updated the style (Duh) but it still came back green


Which file did you open to save as the template. Are you actually using Save as template?

The light green you had set in the first “My new metric” file is pretty close to white it isn’t white. The color swatch might look white on the gray background.


I rebooted my puter only to find there were 10 sketchup files open! despite my closing them each time.
I erased all my templates and started again. Changed the style and updated it. Changed the units to metric and saved template as my metric and as default. Opened the program again and it came up green.


here’s my new template - my metric.

my metric.skp (98.7 KB)


Did you install it as an admin or did you right click on the install file and choose Run as Administrator?


well it’s a new computer and I log in as administrator. and I also ran it as administrator.


This is the very specific question you aren’t answering.


yes I did - I’m reinstalling it now


OK - reinstalled the program - ran as administrator. Opened the program, reset to metric and updated the style and erased the lady. Saved as template called my metric as default template. Closed the program - reopened and it was back to ft/in and green!


Is that one working right? Below is what your file looks like when I open it. Other than that you could delete Stacy and then purge unused component, it looks ok to me. Units are decimal meters displayed to precision 0.000m. Style does not need updating.

If you open this and File->Save as Template you should get a dialog letting you give it a name and asking whether you want to make it your default template. Are you checking the box for “Set as default template”?


[slbaumgartner - yes I’ve done that - read my last post it still comes up as the green default style


I give up!! - I’ve been using sketchup since the @last V 4 - never had this problem.


Try opening the Ruby Console window and typing:


This should report the current Template. Let us know what you see.


Error: #<NameError: undefined local variable or method `template’ for main:Object>

:in `' SketchUp:1:in `eval'

I’ve now reached the limit of posts for a new user. - I did type in sketchup.template and it returned the same reply.

Error: #<NameError: undefined local variable or method `sketchup’ for main:Object>

:in `' SketchUp:1:in `eval'

I’m sorry - here’s with the caps correct

C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/Resources/en-US/Templates/Temp01a - Simple.skp