SketchUp with Match Photo - Need Help

I was asked to make a table for my church by Christmas and found a design we like, but it’s a JPG file!

I would like to hire someone to turn the JPEG into a full SketchUp model.

Please reply to discuss further. The attached JPG has three arches, but we only want two.

The approximate dimensions are 29"W, 15" D and 32" H

I expect I can manage a model of this piece or at least get pretty close. Are there any other photos of it?

Drop me a PM if you want to have me do it.

A quick search using Google Lens turned up a very similar one in the 3D Warehouse. How good it is I can’t say because I didn’t download it but it might at least give you a starting point.

The question you should be asking, or more to the point the information you should be giving is.
I need accurate woodworking plans for this structure.
I need instruction on how to make something like this image from wood.
I need to understand how to produce a 3d model that can be used for a variety of images.

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I did not send a PM, please do not check.


Just a note: @Lauren21, as a SketchUp Free (web) user doesn’t have access to Match Photo and is not qualified to do commercial (paid) SketchUp work.

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The one @DaveR found in the warehouse is pretty close and it’s a fairly well made model. Less than 5 min of editing yielded this. As Box says, it all depends on what you need it for.

Mod Table.skp (409.9 KB)

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I am absolutely thrilled with the replies I have received and even more so with the table that @DaveR found in the 3D Warehouse and @endlessfix modified. Thank you all so much!! To answer @Box’s question, I need to make the table so I need woodworking plans and a cutlist. What cutlist extension do you all recommend? I’m using 2022, so the extension I had is not compatible.
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I like the cone called CutList 4.1 from the Extension Warehouse. It works perfectly well in SketchUp 2022 despite being rather old.

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@DaveR Thank you ! That’s what I used to use in my limited applications with earlier simple models that I created.

I scaled the model down to the overall HxDxW, I want and the cut list is showing all the dimensions with approximations to the inch. How accurate is that? Can I rely on the dimensions and ignore the ~ ? And, if not, what do you recommend? I don’t like gaps in my woodworking!! LOL

Scaling the entire model to the overall dimensions you want may not be the right approach since it’ll scale features that you may not want scaled.

The dimension output of the CutList extension is dependent on the Display Precision you have selected in Model Info>Units. It can be as precise as you need.

Maybe you can but maybe not. First start by increasing Display Precision and look at the numbers you get. It might be you’ll need to make adjustments using tools other than Scale.

Thank you all for helping me out with the drawing for this project. I ended up making two! I’ve attached two photos - one stained and one unstained of the tables.