Searching for template for particular piece of furniture

Hello, I have a SketchUp Pro license. I would like to find a SketchUp model for a particular piece of furniture, viz., a Stickley Magazine Stand. Several variations of this item were made; I have attached a photo of the version I am looking for. How can I find this in the SketchUp library?
Thanks, Ken


You could search by whatever terms you know for it but it may not be there. Finding it in the 3D Warehouse also requires that someone has modeled it and shared it there. You might need to model it yourself. It doesn’t look like a terribly complicated thing to model anyway. How would you use the model? What kind of detail does it need? I haven’t tried the image yet but you might be able to use Match Photo for it.

Here’s a very very rough start on it using Match Photo. I couldn’t find any other pictures of this particular one (although I didn’t spend much time looking) and I haven’t any dimensions.

With a few dimensions and more images I think I’d rather model it without Match Photo but that’s just me.

Thanks Dave. At my rudimentary level I fear this would consume many frustrating hours to try to model myself. Being a woodworker I want to make this piece of furniture. How do I access the 3D Warehouse and Match Photo? Ken

You can access the 3D Warehouse from the Window menu in SketchUp. Search there and see what you find. Maybe you’ll find it but don’t be surprised if you don’t. If you are thinking about using it as a guide for building one, you may have to still do some work to add the required details.

As for Match Photo, that’s a image use type that you can select when you use File>Import to import the image. This image isn’t perfect but it’s not too bad for that use. After you import the image you’ll set the red and green bars to align with edges in the photo which will set the camera so you can sort of trace the image.

Take a look at this video for some info on using Match Photo.

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I started over and modeled it without Match Photo. I made some WAGs about height, width, and depth. If I had those dimensions I could make it closer to your photo. Modifying it at this point would be simple enough. Does it look like it’s close to what you are after?

If you want, I could give you a hand with learning how to model it.

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Wow, that is very helpful. The dimensions are 44"h x 23.5"w x 13"d.If we can apply those dimensions it may be enough for me to make it. Thanks so much, Ken

As luck would have it, I modeled it at 44 in. tall. What are the 23.5 and 13 in. dimensions referring to? The top?

23.5" wide and 13" deep (top I assume since it overhangs the rest). Thanks very much, Ken

Are you thinking of using this as a project to learn SketchUp?

My immediate goal is to have a measured drawing in order to make this piece. If I can improve my SketchUp skills in so doing that is fine. Thanks, Ken

I’ll send you a PM in a little bit.