Could you help me find a model please?

I dont really use Sketchup but i’m looking for a 3d model i know i saw here earlier.

It was a dining table with ~4-6 chairs. wooden table i think. each chair was different (form,style and color).

Maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:
Thank you!

You saw it here on this forum?

So you don’t have SketchUp 2021 as your profile indicates? In what form are you expecting to have this dining table? It might be that someone who does use SketchUp modeled a table a some different chairs or made a collection of components from the 3D Warehouse.

Just a screenshot would do it :slight_smile:

Maybe it was shared in the Gallery category. You might look through that.

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I tried, but i couldnt find it there. but it was always in the first few when i searched ‘table’ or something like that in sketchup 2021

Where were you searching in SketchUp? In the 3D Warehouse?

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Yes exactly

It would have been helpful to provide that information up front instead of presenting it as if you were looking here on the forum. Is this what you are thinking of?

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something like this.
I thought its the only place, sorry
6-8 chairs*

Here are results for a table and six chairs:

and here is a table and 8 chairs:

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Table repas - à manger rectangulaire

found it, thanks