Mission Style Dining Chair Models

I want to build some mission style dining room chairs.
Does anyone know of a good place to get a pre-drawn models
that can be edited?

The 3D Warehouse may provide you with a model to start with but the vast majority of them will not have been drawn with the idea of using them for plans in mind. It may actually require more work to turn a model by someone else into a usable plan.

Do you have more specifics on the design of the chair? I can probably provide you with a few links to old chair plans that would be suitable as they are or you could model them in SketchUp and make modifications as needed.

Thank u Dave 4 the reply.

What I have in mind is similar 2 the Mission chair. Attached is a photo.

The bunk beds are now complete with floating end tables.

Wayne the Woodworker

Got it. I expect we can find a similar chair. do you already have that plan? Does Lee Valley still offer it?

The bunk beds look nice. Tall!

Yes 2 both ?’s. I want to change some of the part sizes and need a drawing 4 the customer 2 approve.

I also need to modify the table shown in what I sent u. I have that plan as well. If u go 2 their website u will get

A better copy of these pieces.

My customer wants a 44 x 84 dining table with 2 hall (couch) style tables 16 x 44. The hall tables will b built just like the dining table but

With a removable pegged in trestle. Instead of leaves in the center table, when needed the hall tables are placed on each end of the dining table

At right angles, the trestle is removed so it won’t be in the way of the feet. Now we have a 44 x 116 dining table with no center sag.

When not used @ the dining table, they r placed behind the couch which is quite functional.

The customer wants 12 chairs (1 is a Captain).

Wayne the Woodworker

Let’s see what we can do with it Wayne. I’ll have to look when I get home from work.

Thank u Dave

Wayne the Woodworker J

Wayne, can you draw the chair from the plan you have? I would start there. Then make the adjustments that you need. It would give you a good opportunity to check the plans for accuracy, too.

The table thing sounds interesting. Definitely a unique way to hide the leaves when not in use.

o.k. Just thought if I could find a sketchup model that was close it would b easier 2 edit it than draw it from scratch.


Did you have any success in the 3D Warehouse?

Yes, I found a few that may work. They r saved as a group so I think I have to explode them to get @ the individual components. Is that correct?


Maybe. More likely they are drawn as if whittled out of a single block.

What would u charge to draw the Mission chair?

I’ll send you a PM.

The chair I need drawn is the Mission one from American Furniture Design. I could mail u the plan

I just need 2 know what the cost estimate is.

Let’s do this via private message. I sent you a private message on Sunday morning. You can reply to that.

I did not get a private message from u. They r all thru Sketchup Forum

If you just reply to the message in your private message inbox you’ll send it to me instead of making a public post.