Brand new 2023 furniture

hi there
So its great being inspired by the newest interior design trends, and i cant wait to implement them in sketch up.
the problem lies, - i don’t see them anywhere in the warehouse!

For example, a new dining chair from Covet House, how on earth do I get this into my model?
Please dont suggest making it, for this option takes far too long, and honestly, well, i wudnt even know how…

SO the question is, how do I get the newest furniture into my model?

If you won’t make it you have to wait for someone else to do it.Maybe you can hire someone to do it for you.

I see, so basically, no one is magically making them and keeping it updated :frowning:

thanks, this has confirmed what i thought, to my dismay

You seriously ask that?

Is this the chair you are thinking of?
Screenshot - 1_15_2023 , 5_31_35 PM

wow that is seriously cool!

shame not, and yes, I did ask that, a girl can dream!

What? The chair? I just looked up dining chairs on the Covet House site and made a screen shot. Which one are you referring to? They seem to offer 3D models. Why don’t you try that route?

that’s interesting, so i can download their 3d model and I assume you then mean it is SketchUp compatible?

Evidently you can get 3D models from them. I diodn’t say they are SketchUp compatible but I expect there’s at least some file format you can import into SketchUp. I was going to try downloading a file from them but they require a sign in and the last thing I need is getting spam from them.
Screenshot - 1_15_2023 , 6_00_22 PM

that does look interesting, thanks for all your help

I signed up to the Covet to download a model or two to see the quality …

I didn’t get a model or a download link, I got an email asking why I wanted it and…
Email after email of what I’d regard as spam from other ‘designer’ sites.

Consider yourself warned.


Is Covet a marketplace? This does not sound like what a furniture manufacturer would do. Did an image search with the chair image @DaveR posted, and apparently “Boca do Lobo” is the actual firm behind the design.

The Internet is a nice thing, but the way it works makes finding what you want, and finding the information you need about it increasingly complicated.

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It cannot, without the 3D Studio Max application. The format is proprietary, so even the available file converters require it.

BTW, the thread is not about that chair, it was just an example @DaveR took from the website the OP referred to.

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