Outside models

I was told you can get outside 3d models directly from furniture companies themselves if you can’t get what you want from the SketchUp warehouse. Is this true and what do they call these files? Do they have a name so that when you go to their sites you can get these files I believe I heard some acronym banty about like EOGs or something like that

My experience has been that there is no consistency in either terminology or where on the maker’s website their models are found. You have to poke around until you find them.

A few provide SketchUp skp files, but most are dwg.

Thanks Let’s say you had a specific couch or chair you needed for an interior and you could not get it in the warehouse or the company site Do you try and make it yourself

In such cases that may be the only option.

Thanks again

You might be able to get 3D models of their furniture pieces. Depends on the company. They may offer 3D models of their pieces in some format. Whether or not you can import that into SketchUp depends.

How would you be using the couch or chair in your model? Maybe a simple representation would be suitable. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) which implies you are using it as a hobbyist. Maybe you don’t need models of the exact pieces. Also keep in mind, if you find components and they are very complex they might overwhelm your model. Also you are very limited with that SketchUp version as to the file types you can import.

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I was free but we went to Pro recently I’m still fairly new to the program but we work with a lot of furniture companies and the owner of the company I work for wants the renderings to match the furniture they pick. Not an easy thing to do if you’re new to the software.

Please correct your forum profile, then. That information helps us help you.

You should ask these companies if they can supply SketchUp models or some other 3D model files that you can import into SketchUp. Look through the various file types available under File>Import.

If the companies don’t have anything to offer you might have to learn how to do it or hire someone else.

“Match” is a slippery concept. If you need highly detailed models, they are going to seriously load down your computer compared to lower polygon models. There’s a judgement call about how much is good enough. You can often make a simple model look quite real via materials using suitable images.

I would use a detailed model of a furniture only if it’s the furniture I want to sell or make some plans on layout, if the furniture is just going to be part of a bigger model it’s not necessary to have an exact 3D model with a lot of polygons, there’s a plugin that can reduce the polygon count keeping the shape so you can tell it’s the specific model you need.

And here’s a video of how to use it