3rd Party SketchUp Model sites with "Free" models to download

I keep seeing SketchUp-related ads on FB. They are 3rd party companies that let you download full SketchUp models for free and some have models for sale. I’ve never downloaded a SketchUp model from anywhere but the 3D Warehouse.

What are your thoughts on 3rd Party sites with “Free” SketchUp models to download?

The interior architecture items like furniture and light fixtures look amazing.

Should I be worried about downloading .skp files from unknown places?

Can a .skp file have harmful or hidden items in it?


I have yet to come across malicious or dangerous skp files, unless you’re downloading rottweilers or dragons. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’ve been to some sites where you have to jump through many hoops to get to the models, but I haven’t been hit with viruses or malware from such things. You do know that you can download files that are not skp files and you can import them in SU. Check out the import function, where it specifies what SU can import. For example, McMaster-Carr has an excellent site that you can download 3D models of products they sell (i.e. nuts, bolts) which you can import into SU, so that opens up your options for getting more models, other than through the warehouse.

Thanks for your input.

I will check out importing other file types and McMaster-Carr.

I have been testing importing and exporting .dwg files but I have a lot to learn about CAD files.