Importing Furniture from Furniture Websites



Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing well. I’m stuck in a pickle. I’m an interior designer and I love using SketchUp. I wanted to come up with a new system where I can use SketchUp to re-do or remodel a space, but I wanted to compile a list of furniture as well as be able to put the furniture I found through searches and websites on SketchUp so that I can better show them how it would look in the space. Is there any way that I can import furniture from websites to SketchUp rather than drawing each and every one of them? Anything would help! Please and thank you!


You could look in the 3#D Warehouse and sites like Form Fonts.


Thank you. on Form Fonts, how would I get those models to SketchUp?


Download them and use File>Import in SketchUp. Or you could save them to a folder that you use as a library which you can access from the Components window.


BTW some sellers will have models on their web site but, downside they are usually more complex than you probably want to use in your model and some cases that is true for ones downloaded from the 3d Ware house.


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