Designing for home

Can I use this software to design/model for an apartment flat, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, and living area? I am on trial version and I am not a graphic design person. Is there available icon that I can drag and drop into the design? I have the floor plan/map and how can I import into Sketchup or draw from scratch. I admit I am totally newbie when come to design and need a holding guiding hand to start.


That’s a lot to unpack. You can certainly use SketchUp to design an apartment.

What do you mean by “icon”? Icon for what? There is the 3D Warehouse that offers all sorts of furniture and appliance components that can be added to your model.

It depends on the format of that floor plan. You can import images and CAD files to use as references to create the model.

You’ll need to learn to use the tools in SketchUp. Best practice would be to start by actually learning to use SketchUp. Go to and go through the tutorials there.

Thanks Dave for the quick reply. I am referring to icon, like TV, sofa, piano, dinning table etc so I can pull them into the drawing to give the design a more ‘realistic’ look. I am currently on trial using SketchUp Pro. Am I also able to use 3D warehouse to get those furnitures?

I have the 2D floor plan for my new home in PDF. I can import or start drawing from scratch. I am not sure which way is easier (and simpler)?

Yes you are right, I thought this software is intuitive" to pick up quickly but I am wrong. Thanks for your sharing. Wish you a great weekend ahead. Stay Safe.


In SketchUp those are components, not icons.

Yes. Use the 3D Warehouse button on the toolbar or go to the 3D Warehouse through the Window menu.

You can import the PDF file into SketchUp as an image and use it as a reference from which to create your 3D model. It won’t turn into a 3D model automatically which is what it sounds like you are expecting.

It is intuitive but you still have to learn how to use it.


A sketchbook and charcoal is easy and intuitive, what you can accomplish with them varies from person to person.


Have you looked at the online offering for designing an apartment or a room? I’m not sure I’d learn SketchUp just to design one space, one time. Create your dream home now @Planner5d

You are very right. I asked myself this question too. The only thing I can think off is personal satisfaction.

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Ok will try to explore the components using 3D warehouse. Haha I didn’t expect the software to be that intelligent to turn the 2D into 3D :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for giving your honest reply. As always for all software, need to spend the time to learn it and more time to master it.