Furniture I'm looking for

Here are some 3D furniture I’m looking for or wish someone would draw… :flushed: :heart_eyes:

So you are looking to hire someone to model this furniture?

No, just dreaming. :blush: But who knows, maybe one day. If I can afford it.

But it would bea awesome if someone know where to download them, maybe there are other sites than SketchUp 3D Warehouse?

Maybe you should have a go at modeling them. You might learn something.

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Although you might get lucky, in general someone models something in the 3DW because they need or want it, not because you do. There is also a possible issue with copyright or patent violation if someone publishes a model of another person’s product. So, as @DaveR suggested, as a hobbyist you would be well-served to try creating a model yourself.

As an aside, you can find out your Mac’s graphics by starting SketchUp (to make sure the system is using its best graphics) and then clicking the Apple icon at upper left of the screen. When you find out, please correct your profile with this information.

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Yeah, but now I’m busy drawing a big house. But maybe one day. I have one made some windows and doors so far.

As a hobbyist there’s no rush to get the house finished, is there? Take a step back and model some furniture.

You shouldn’t be looking for furniture until the house model itself is finished and you are seeking to make it look nice for final presentation. For things such as deciding where a piece of furniture will fit or planning a room’s space to accomodate it, you can use a simple box as a stand-in.

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I will not use (my house drawings with furniture in it) commercially. Or what do you mean?

(I have now filled in my whole profile.)

I have been drawing for so long on my house that I felt like decorating it with furniture for a while and fix the details (like the roof) later. I could always copy all furniture and place them in another document if they take to much time to load while drawing on the house. But we are allowed to draw the way we like don’t we.

I was referring to the risk someone else would face if supplying you with an unauthorized copy of copyrighted or patented work. It’s a possible reason they wouldn’t share a model via the 3DW.

Of course you are!

I was just providing advice about a workflow that will keep your model manageable while you are developing it. Decorative items, especially from the 3DW are notorious for being way over-detailed. Including them in a model can make SketchUp very sluggish and hard to use. We see a large number of queries here on the forum asking “why is SketchUp so slow on my model”, and most of them turn out to be due to having over-detailed decorative elements.

If you are able and comfortable swapping detailed furniture in and out, by all means, use that workflow.

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This one would be cool to have as well.

What other sites with 3D furniture for SketchUp would you recommend?
Are there both free and those you pay for…?

Never hurts to ask as the worst we can say is no…but I would recommend that you at least do some searching around first as there are many free and paid resources outside of 3D Warehouse…here’s one to get you started :wink:

chair-sm.skp (3.6 MB)

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Wow, that’s so sweet of you! And thank you so much for the link to another 3D warehouse!

“cgtrader” and “turbosquid” a few of the chairs are in them

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Wow, I have now found all except two. :partying_face:It will be expensive though. But a couple of them are probably quite easy for me to draw myself.

There you go, an incentive to try drawing them yourself: save money.

Like I suggested two days ago.

But most of them I will probably never be able to draw myself. It would take ages.

Think of it as a learning experience. That’s why you’re doing this whole thing in the first place, right?