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Hi Guys
I am working on my Master’s project in Interior Design and looking for a model of a highly designed bar model with lights and everything. If anyone got it can you just post me the link or model where I can find one as I don’t have that much time to detail a model myself so I just need to put in the settings and lights.




Did you look in the 3D Warehouse for a model that will do the job?

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Yes, what DaveR says. It’s hard to know exactly what you have in mind, but here’s one example:



Thanks guys…
but yeah i searched for every inch of 3DWarehouse and also the other free 3d models websites but I am designing a hotel central foyer so for that I need some light settings and a central bar kind of thing so that I can just modify it accordingly rather than starting from the line.

And yeah i have that as an option which colin sent from 3d warehouse. if i did not get any I think I need to work that out.


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