Photo Match - drawing over

Greetings, first post here. I’m a woodworker, designer and carpenter and use sketchup mainly just for images to show clients ideas for projects.

I am currently trying to provide some clients with some front door options. I have a photo of the front of the house which I have imported and matched in sketchup, but I am having an issue where nothing I draw covers the original door in the picture, it is always at least partially visible.

If I switch the style to an x-ray mode I can see the new door I have drawn in, but the old is visible like a through a translucent.

I am sure I am missing something very basic in a setting or something. Any advice would be great

Try editing the style in the Styles window

hi dave,

i did try playing with these settings a little with no real results. do you have any idea what settings would be best to try.

here’s an idea of what my trouble looks like.

So you didn’t use Match Photo? You just imported the image as an image and are tracing over it?

That photo would be very difficult to set up correctly as a match photo. Can you share the SKP file?

i did use photo match, this was just an image export of the best i’ve gotten thus far.

what’s the best way to share, just do a export 3d model?

Do File>Save and upload the SKP file.

marques door.skp (1.7 MB)

see how this works

Turn off X-ray and untick the box for Foreground Photo.

thanks much Dave, thought I had tried that, but must have been in x-ray when I did. i knew it was something rather absent minded on my part.