SketchUp will not start up


I have been using SketchUp 2015 on my current computer for 3.5 years with occasional ‘bug splats’ on startup. It is now to the point where the program will not start at all (at least a dozen consecutive tries and a couple of reboots) - BugSplat every time I try to start. Is it possible for me to reinstall SketchUp from my license, and if so, can you provide me with a URL where it can be found? Thank you.



Your not providing any info about your computer system, OS, Graphics Card, etc…

You can think of this as a corrupted installation of SU if you want (…not that you necessarily are).

But downloading and reinstalling SU won’t solve anything related to graphics card drivers, being either outdated, or updated, past the point for which your specific hardware/software combinations can handle.



I am running Win7 on an AMD 6A-4400M APU with Radeon HD Grahhics. I have not made any hardware modifications to the machine since I purchased it which is why I thought there might be a software corruption.



I have also not loaded any new software since the problem arose, and have minimal applications running when I try to start SketchUp.



The most common causes of BugSplat during startup are inadequate OpenGL support in the graphics hardware and drivers of the computer and misbehaving extensions/plugins. You can check for the former by visiting the graphics maker’s website and seeing whether they have any newer versions of drivers for your hardware. To check the latter, try disabling all extension (e.g. by renaming the Plugins folder) and see whether the problem goes away.



Thank you for the info, that is helpful. I have been trying to download an updated graphics driver, but the only info I am able to find about my card in “AMD Radeon HD” but I cannot find the series number or exact type. Could you tell me how I might find this info?



Refers to the processor.

You have integrated graphics: Radeon HD 7520G. D

Your search term is:

This will take you to several different sites with the info to find the correct driver.

Driver: link
The driver goes back to 2014, verify before downloading and trying to install, AMD graphics are out of my pay grade.



Got it, thanks much.