Sketchup Web Version - Files Missing

Hi There,

As with a number of threads I’ve worked very hard on a number of files, but after logging out to allow my son to use sketchup with his account, all my files were missing when I logged back in.

Please can you help recover them? I’d also like to know what I did wrong.

Many thanks.

Go to instead. Sign in with the right Trimble ID and change the server location( Europe. America or Asia)
Anything, there?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply, to the best of my knowledge i only have one ID connected to my email address andrew@… I have created 2 folders today, Test and something to do with WCW a local rugby club I’m a coach at. The main items were ones of my which
i completed first thing this morning. Are you able to see those? I also saved an stl file which would avoid the bulk of the work being lost but I cannot upload it.

Kind regards,

Andrew Milford

Hi Andrew, I do not work for Trimble, I don’t have access nor insight in other projects then the ones I have.
Did you try to go to the mentioned link?

Pls remove your personal info, spambots scan theses public forums.

Hi, I have tried looking on trimble and cannot locate them, does trimble have a support team?

Is there anyway I can convert the .stl file I saved some way into my project into a .skp file so I can import it? This would save me many hours of work. Many thanks.

Yes. that is a service included with the paid license versions.

You should be able to import the .stl into SketchUp. Click on the file folder icon and then Insert. The panel I show is from SketchUp Shop which has more import options. Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 4_16_21 PM|538x500

I expect your file is there, still. It just needs to be located.

Thanks DaveR

Hi Andrew,

The first thing I’d recommend is going into the Trimble Connect tab within SketchUp for Web, and looking in your SketchUp project folder. (This tab is underneath the Home tab that displays when you load SketchUp, and it also appears when you choose Open, while modeling).

If you don’t see your files there, it is possible that you may have signed back in with a different email address than the one you were using before logging off for your son.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you are able to sort this out with those instructions.


I have some amount of super powers, and I think that you made the rugby related folder, but then made the model at the same level. The model that might, hypothetically, begin with WCW, is loose along with everything else.

You could look at the Home part of the web app too, that hopefully shows your recent files.

Hi Mark & Colin,

Thank you for your assistance. Somehow my original files had been saved on a profile that was a login based on my google account rather than with the email address and password I entered. I had checked the google account for any Trimble activation emails and there weren’t any so was convinced that the there was only the one account. Worth other folk that experience files going missing to check whether a profile has used one of the other logging in methods rather than a standard email and password. Anyway, I’ve now found my missing files saved them into the other account and I’m now a relieved and happy Sketchup user again. Thanks all for your help and assistance.

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