SketchUp Web lost my model - what to do?

I built a model for business purposes. I recently came back to the site and the model had reverted to an earlier version that was months old. It was missing 20 hours of work.

Fortunately, I had downloaded the model to my Mac as a backup. I uploaded that model but that doesn’t work either. The model is empty when viewed in SketchUp Web.

What can I do to salvage my work? I have no idea how all of this could go wrong.

Thanks for any advice?

I’m not sure why you would have lost 20 hours worth of work. Is it possible you saved it with a different name?

You need to be using SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro and not SketchUp Free, though. SketchUp Free is not licensed for commercial work.

Thanks for the reply. I have no other models, so this isn’t a matter of saving under a different name.

The reason I lost “20 hours of work” is that I spent 20 hours building this model and now it’s totally gone. There is some major issue on SketchUp’s server.

  1. Get SketchUp Pro for the usage, as per licence requirements. This will enable you to not be reliant on online services. You will be able to open the file on your local machine, unless it is somehow damaged. If your time is worth more than $35 per hour then this is a no-brainer, apart from licencing issues you now have.

  2. You could also take a look SketchUp 2017 Make, this too will run on your local machine. Take a look at Open Newer Version extension if you run into trouble with newer file formats vs. older versions of the software.

  3. See no. 1 above.

Of course this isn’t an option for commercial use.

Nope. How long does it take again for the Trimble/SketchUp Lawyering to start? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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