Lost changes to drawing

Just recently started using free version. I am planning on writing a construction book and want to illustrate it myself. I do plan on buying either the shop or pro version as soon as funds available. Couple of questions: where did my changes to a drawing go? I started on a drawing at home and made advancements on it at my girlfriends, then when I got back home the changes were gone from my account. I thought they were saved to a cloud? Are there bugs in web that may lose work done to a project ( that was 3 hours lost) Secondly: Are my efforts going to be in vain once i do upgrade to a payed version (can’t use the work in free version for a book being commercial) Will I be able to access my drawings that i do now in a payed version from the free version?
Thank you for your time and consideration

In the free version, where do your sketches end up. If there is a way to save it on the computer instead of the web you should be able to edited it.

@profesor, @Gemini: sorry for my slow reply to this thread!

When you are modeling in SketchUp for Web, files are saved when you click ‘Save’ or when you give them a title. At this point, a file is save to Trimble Connect, a storage and collaboration service designed for 3D models and integrated into SketchUp. While you are actively modeling against a file saved to Trimble Connect, SketchUp will auto-save your work to Trimble Connect every five minutes.

If you don’t save a model before exiting a session, SketchUp for Web will keep a back-up of that model and then prompt you the next time you load the app on that device. So, @profesor, it’s possible, you created a model on one machine, never saved it to Trimble Connect, and then logged into SketchUp using another machine. In this case, you wouldn’t see the prompt about the recovered model. But, you might see the recovered model prompt on the first device you were using.

Another approach to recovering your work (if you did save your model to Trimble Connect). Log-in to Connect directly, and navigate to where you saved the file (likely in the SketchUp project folder). From there, you can access the revision history of your model and download the latest (or an earlier version).

Per your last question, when you upgrade, you don’t lose access to the models you created using the free version of SketchUp. You’ll still be able to use the Pro or Web versions to access those files through Trimble Connect.