SketchUp Web & laying out a garage



I’m going to overhaul my garage, turning it from a dumping ground for storage into a (hobbyist) woodworking shop for myself.

I’ve heard SketchUp is a great tool to figure out the layout. E.g., where I’ll need to build boxes to keep some storage space, where to put my table saw, how to take account the washer/dryer, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials for layouts & SketchUp but most seem to predate the web version of SketchUp. Does that matter at all? I wasn’t sure if web vs download kept things mostly the same, or if there were differences that would trip me up.

(FWIW, I’m a total newb to SketchUp.)


The main two differences I know of between the desktop “Make” version and the “Web” version are that the web interface is very different and you cannot use extensions with the web version.

Lots of reading here:

Also “”Make 17” is still available if you do feel you prefer a desktop version:


Super helpful! Thank you!


See how you get on. If you get stuck or want to know how to do something in particular, post your question here or in a new topic. Uploading screenshots helps wonders. Many helpful people here will jump in to help out I’m sure.