Old sketchup vs new web version

Old sketchup vs new web sketchup. I had to get a new computer and the sketchup on thevold onevhas been installed for 10 years and it works great. NowvI see the free version is mowvweb based. I tried to use it but it is completely different. Is there a tutorial for the new one?

You might start here:


Thanks I’ll try that. I assume there is no way to get the free desktop version now. :slight_smile:

SketchUp 2017 Make is still available for hobby use from sketchup.com/download/all

Found it but I can’t get the measurement box to work. I usually draw a rectangle and the type the actual size I want but it does not work what am I doing wrong. And yes it is a hobby tool for me as I build furniture pieces for my kids.

Oops new computer number lock not on. Sorry