Old SketchUp user new to web based version

Have been using SketchUp for a long time and find it very useful. New web based version seems pretty bad can’t even figure out how to make a group. Any good resource as to how to use. The tour was brief and not very helpful. Also would like to know if a subscriber version works anything like the prior version before spending money on something that is not user friendly. Thanks for any advice.

I put together a getting started series here if you’re looking for more instruction on the web version.

That said, I’m a bit confused - making a group in the web version is no different than the desktop version - just select geometry, right click, and select “make group.” The basic modeling functions should work in a very similar way to the desktop version.

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Thanks for your response. I’m so used to using Control G I did not think to right click. Will give it a try.

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