Sketchup Web: Common line in one tag, missing in another tag

I am using Sketchup Web, and encountered weird behavior which I don’t know if it is considered correct, or should I work in another way.
The problem:

  1. I created elements which have common parts (line, plane, etc.): A rectangle starting from the beginning of the axes and perpendicular to the blue axis.
  2. I put this element in a tag tag1.
  3. I created another element with common lines to the first one: A rectangle on the same plane, smaller than the first one, starting from the beginning of the axes. This element is untagged.
  4. I hid tag 1.

Now the sides of the second rectangle that were common with the first one are missing ,I guess because they belong to the first tag. However, I would like to see these lines, because they also belong to the smaller rectangle. This causes some visibility problem because all elements that were connected to the lines of the first tag, will be missing when hiding it.
Any suggestions how to overcome this issue? Am I working correctly?

No. Only groups or components should be assigned tags. Raw geometry (edges,faces) should stay untagged. Tags do not separate geometry.

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