Sketchup + Vray render times increased when screen locked?

Morning all,

I have yet to ask my IT guy to see if there might be something put in place to reduce the computers power over night / when locked, but wonder if anyone has experienced the same issue?

In short, when the computer is in use (unlocked), it takes around 4mins to render one frame. I started the render at 4:30pm yesterday, left it over night and has only managed 27 frames. That’s a total of 930 mins, therefore ~34mins per frame.

I have not stopped the render, and can confirm the current frames are taking the same amount of time (4mins) as the initial ones, so it isn’t because lots of glass suddenly appearing which may increase renderer times etc.

I’m pretty sure when I lock my computer during lunch break, that the renders are doing ok, but haven’t checked exact numbers (will check this at lunch). This makes me think something slows down over night or the likes of.

Hopefully my IT guy might come up with a setting that I don’t have control over, but can you think of anything that may sit within sketchup / vray? I Don’t have the CPU throttling enabled (cant remember where that is, but essentially it reduces CPU usage).

Needless to say, I use CUDA for rendering, which normally results the GPU (CUDA graph) sitting at 95% usage and CPU at ~20%. Ram normally 12gig used of 16gig.


  • CPU = AMD 5800X
  • GPU = RTX 3800
  • Ram = 16gig not sure, but fast.
  • OS = Win10



I would perhaps suspect power saving settings. The default Windows settings are not very good for unattended computing.

Just had it running for an hour with screen lock, and it achieved 6 frames. That’s 10mins per frame.

I’m going to look further into the power settings.

I had the same problem on my Mac machines, and the only way I managed to solve this was to play a REALLY long playlist on iTunes while rendering… :smile:

Just ran a test. I tried a render, and it took 4 mins.

I ran the same render, put all power settings on Max, and put ‘hard drive turn off’ to like 10000 or whatever. I then started the render, put the screen on lock, and then came back 4 mins later.

It had done barely a quarter of it. But with my guestimations, would take ~20mins to do. This makes the ~30mins a frame seem more realistic now!

I’m meant to be doing a 3 day long render at some point, so not really sure how to tackle this now!?

Other than power options, what else is there!?

FYI I was worried it maybe and overheating thing, so using a program to monitor temps, but seems fine.