Sketchup vray image

Hello , my vray image does not want to downlaod into my computer its says you dont have the primision to save this file , anyone knows whats the problem can be please ?

What do you mean by a “vray image”? Are you exporting an image from Vray? Where on your computer are you trying to save it to? What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says SketchUp for Schools 2022. SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for scholl children. It does not have access to Vray.

What version of Vray are you using?

What graphics card? “16” does not identify a graphics card.

I did the render and when im trying to save the image its not hapening , im using sketchup 2022
Actually i dont know about my graphic card

Where are you trying to save the image to? Show us a screenshot of the Save window. Most likely you are trying to save into a folder for which you haven’t got permission.

That’s not SketchUp for Schools. Please correct your forum profile.

This is what shows me where ever im trying to save the image

Is this your computer? It’s evidently been set up to prevent files being saved onto the Desktop. Did you do what the message tells you? Save the image to the Pictures folder instead. Or contat the computer’s administrator and ask them to change the permissions to allow saving files to the desktop.

Yes , i did what the computer says but when i try to open it it wont open , how can i contact them ?

Contact who?

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