Sketchup VR viewer is not showing anything in the cloud

Hi there, I am a new Oculus quest 3 user trying to get sketchup to work. I downloaded the sketchup vr viewer app on the quest and logged in to my account; however, nothing shows up in my “cloud” models. I am worried that it is automatically connecting to my personal account instead of my school account with the license.
If there is anything i should do to port my models over to the cloud, please let me know. I am fairly new to sketchup itself so i could be missing something there too. (do i need to update the models to the latest version 2024 for it to work?)
-thank you for any help

What models you can get to should only be dependent on your email address. You do have two different accounts, one only has the Free version, the other has the EDU subscription.

Both are using the same email address, and so I would expect the ‘cloud’ models to be the same ones.

You could try signing out, then when you sign in again use the sign in with Google option, to make sure that it’s using your gmail address that has ‘16’ in it.

When signing in on the quest it seems to automatically choose the account with the free version since they use the same email. if i where to delete the account with sketchup free i want to make sure it would not also delete my EDU account as well? (I have no reason to keep my free account). If not, i have found a small workaround by porting my models to the free in browser app.
I can see that my accounts are “linked” with my “tremble connect for Free” as the “user”. Is there a way to switch which account is the main one if i cannot just delete it?
sorry for the essays and (most likely unhelpful) questions.
like i mentioned i did find a workaround for it, but i would still rather not use the free version.
Once again thank you for your help and pointers.

It may be worth sending a message to Support to explain the problem. They have more tools than I do for sorting out accounts, or they may have other suggestions. You can use this form:

thank you for your help.