How to view models in VR Oculus QUEST mac

I specifically bought the Pro version of Sketchup to be able to view sketchup models on an oculus quest. I’m using mac and I have Sketchup Pro 2020. I can’t find a good tutorial on how to view models on the oculus quest. Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance.

Have you checked out The Wild?
It’s a collaborative tools that links from SU models into a AR / VR collaborative workspace.
It is not cheap but if you have collab teams - then it can run simultaneously on Quest, iPads (AR) and desktop.

It’s not a perfect solution as it’s a platform in the middle but I am in the same boat as you - looking for a Quest deployment from my Mac.

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For the SketchUp Viewer app, you would need to run that in Bootcamp. Also run the Oculus app, and connect the Quest using a Link cable (the regular charger cable won’t work).

The frame rate isn’t idea, but it’s good enough for walk through of a SketchUp model. It would require a Pro or Studio subscription (not Classic) to view your own models.

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Hi bifterx. First off I really appreciate you taking the time to chime in here. I had poked around at The Wild a bit during my search and I will put more time in learning about their offering. Thank you for that!

I am ultimately frustrated that Sketchup has marketing material selling Sketchup Pro 2020 as Oculus Quest friendly when it seems to me that it’s rather half baked and not close to “out of the box” ready to go. Thanks again and I hope we have more solutions coming soon because the tech supports the experience we’re both after.

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@colin thanks a ton for chiming in here as well. I had considered that and I’m glad to see others are using it. Is that something you regularly use as part of your workflow? Do you know if the link cable has to be plugged in the whole time you’re viewing the model on your headset or just to “upload” the app and model to the headset? Thanks again for your help!

This isn’t the mobile app installed onto Quest, it’s Quest using RDP to view a screen share from the Oculus application. I haven’t tested to see if it could work via WiFi, you would think it could. Being wired may give better frame rate.

I’m not working on the VR related features, but I sometimes get support questions about it, and so figured out how to get my own Quest working, to avoid having to track down a Rift to test on. Also, Rift cables end with a display port adapter that doesn’t exist on my Mac, Quest uses USB-C.

Agreed. I have had a Quest since launch and was hoping there was a SketchUp app in the Quest App Store (there is one for the Oculus Go). At there Oculus event when they introduced the Quest, they said @sketchup would be one of the brands that would be developing for it… it has been almost a year and still no app in the Quest store.
Hopefully they come up with one soon…

@Kubity already offers a Free app the ‘Oculus Go’ Store…
They should make a version for the Quest platform’s 6-dof; or (in the meantime) limit it to 3-dof like the ‘Go’.