How can I view Sketchup models on an Oculus Quest 2 headset?

I have Sketchup Pro 2022 and I want to view the models on a Quest 2. I want to know what are the best routes to do this? Also, is there any way of viewing these models while in a meeting type of environment discussing the designs with other individuals?

I use VR sketch. It’s an extension in the warehouse. It’s free and flipping awesome.

Load the vr sketch app into quest (it’s in the labs section), and you’ll get a 6 digit share code.

Open the model on computer, activate the extension, tell it to go to a quest on the same network. Then type in the code.

Done. That easy.

The app also has some share options.

I use it in my house with my rift, and also at the office on my quest 2 (clients are blown away by it)

I gave this a try. Added the app from labs, installed the extension, sent VR to Quest, looked down and could see my model. Then my Quest 2 powered off…

Don’t worry though, my headset was at 2% charge! I will try again after a bit of charging.

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I got a bugsplat on both my homebuilt and my laptop right after installing the extension, but other than that I haven’t had any problems that aren’t clients trying to walk into walls. Ha! It’s actually really awesome to send a person into four different versions of a space to see which one literally ‘feels’ the best.

Highly recommend.

One great thing, it works fine from Mac (no bugsplat either). Most other solutions are PC only.

I’m glad you say that! Other than my iPad and a little iPod brick from 2004 I don’t have any Mac products.

I will say that it works much more efficiently on my homebuilt, but that’s because it’s a bigger system with the corded rift. I can actually load models one right after the other without it disconnecting. If I do this on my laptop I have to send it each time I close and open a new model. Which doesn’t take too long with the kinds of models I make. Probably wouldn’t even notice the difference if I didn’t have the rift.

Hopefully VRsketch might inspire dev of the SU VR viewer? @Aristodimos It certainly needs some :orange_heart:


oof VRSketch sub is almost twice the cost of a SketchUp Sub

I’ve not tried Kubity in a while - it’s $99/year.

Are they still going? I’m sure I read they were ceasing trading whilst they sought further funding

They should have charged more!

I didn’t look for any pricing. The labs app and the extension are free at the moment.

yup they are still up and running