SketchUp Viewer for Oculus Quest


Now that the Oculus Quest VR headset is finally here I would like to know if SketchUp viewer will be available for it? I think I saw SketchUp as one of the launch apps but can’t find any info about this topic online.

I’d like to use it to present SketchUp Viewer for clients and the headset looks like the best option for a non-tethered solution.


We got a Quest for our design studio with the ‘hope’ of using right away… guess we will have to wait.
I also remember seeing SketchUp as one of the developers. Attached is a screenshot from the Oculus Connect 5 conference earlier this year…

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Glad to hear from you both that the interest is there! As evidenced by the info that was shared at OC5, we’ve been discussing with the folks at Oculus, the possibility of supporting Quest. At this time, however, we do not have any information to share about timelines, etc. If/when we get close to a launch, I’ll make a note to revisit this thread in the event that you, or others might be interested in helping to beta test. :slight_smile:

In the mean time, I’d love to hear more from you about the sorts of capabilities you’d expect from a version of SketchUp Viewer that runs on Quest. In what scenarios could you see yourself wanting to view SU models on a Quest? How might those scenarios differ compared to the ways in which you might use the desktop VR version of our app? What sorts of models do you foresee wanting to open/view?

Please feel free to send along any thoughts, ideas, sample models, etc. to Mike at


Thank you for the info!

I was looking at Oculus Quest because of its mobility, ease of setup and price. Looks like a good thing to offer clients to experience VR, but I don’t know if I can recommend it to clients just yet if there is no indications of an upcoming SketchUp Viewer app in the foreseeable future.

As for features that would be great to have:

  1. Let users walk around the 3D space - Quest give a lot more freedom to walk in it’s restricted area;
  2. Allow multiple users to view the model at once;
  3. Allow multiple users to interact with the model - both headset users and SketchUp Pro desktop users. That could be things like adding annotations, highlighting specific points or even actual modeling (like with VRsketch).
  4. As there is no realistic real time rendering in the SketchUp Viewer, maybe allow users to load a rendered 360 panorama images and videos when clicking on specific spots like in many VR tour apps.

All of these features are already available in other VR apps, so it would just be good if SketchUp could catch-up :slight_smile:


I’ve played around with both InsiteVR and Kubity. Both have wonderful features regarding virtual walk-throughs, multi-user collaboration, jumping between saved scenes.
I’m not too interested in actually building/editing models within VR, but more excited on the immersive viewing experience.
It would be great to have a ‘VR Warehouse’, where you can insert objects that can be moved and manipulated within the virtual model using the Quest controllers; such as chairs, stools, glassware, etc… My company designs interior spaces and it would be great to download a chair (for example) and be able to pull it out from under a table or moving wine glasses and/or beer glasses in a bar interior.
I agree with Speaker… there are a lot of third party VR viewers out there, but it would be great if SketchUp caught up and created their own VR viewer app that is a free to Pro subscribers.


Hopefully, the SketchUp team is seriously considering this, because I would feel more confident in using a VR App under the SketchUp brand than using a third party app.
…Until then, our brand new Oculus Quest unfortunately sits on a shelf

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Mike, I have some sort of SketchUp Terrains equipped with data sculptures etc that I would like to “walk thru“ with the Oculus Quest. See attached shot.

Better look at this model for walking purposes. They exist als .skp files…

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp Viewer for Oculus Quest:

Hi Mike,
I also am interested in these VR capabilities. I work in the Art Department for TV shows and having the option of creating a walk-through experience with sets we build would be a great use in certain scenarios. I have an Oculus Quest that I’d like to use for this.

To reiterate some things I see already posted:

  1. Walk through capability would be necessary
  2. Ability for others to either: view that experience on a monitor or even better, actually join the other person in the 3D space
  3. VRsketch isn’t totally necessary for our purposes but the ability to notate inside the model would be great.
  4. This would be gravy but in certain scenarios where we have projections or other digital media that we’re integrating into the model, this would so useful: “maybe allow users to load a rendered 360 panorama images and videos when clicking on specific spots like in many VR tour apps.”

Hopefully Sketchup can do this in the future, I certainly would use it now!

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Same here, can’t wait to be able to visualise my models in vr this kit seems the perfect fit for it to work