Sketchup VR using the Quest VR Sketch app - Holy c*** its cool

Finally got around to trying this amazing VR addon for SketchUp. And it just work.

(Except for TAG visibility, which they need to fix. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Get the addon (free to try) on [] and download the app to your quest via the meta store.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your video! It is very useful and interesting.
But i was wondering if you still use it in your everyday workflow?
I am in a construction business and i was thinking to use it for design.
I feel it is slower than the usual way with keybors shortcuts and a 3d connection.
Furthermore, donโ€™t you have pain inyour eyes after long hours of use?

Thank you for your feed-back!


Iโ€™m an architectural designer, I use it all the time in conjunction with the SU desktop app.
It has a ways to go (as do most VR navigation and UI schemes) and but it is excellent, I use it to prototype designs and use it for some design purposes.
eg, when I receive a survey back from a surveyor as 2d plans / elevations / sections, I align all the plates in SU in order to build the model. It is sometimes easier to build from within the plate mesh.
I have prescription lenses on my Quest 2 and I donโ€™t experience eye strain after prolonged use.
My main issue would be the weight of the headset as it is biased towards the front, although this can be offset a little with an additional battery each at the rear.