SketchUp Viewer for Oculus Quest

You can do this already with SketchUp and Unreal Engine

Hi, I tried this one and I can recommend. Pricing is much better than the rest. Works on Quest perfectly, initial setup is bit difficult (Sidequest)…

So it is finally availablefor Oculus Quest but only in a tethered mode:

Has anyone tested it already?

@MikeTadros Since it has been almost a year… are there any updates or progress regarding an official SketchUp Viewer for the Oculus Quest…?
Thank you.

Oculus changed their app to support Quest. You need a Link compatible cable, with that the Quest does work with the Windows version of SketchUp Viewer. I don’t know what’s happening in terms of an installable app version.

Hello Colin,
‘Windows’ version…? Does this also support the ‘Mac’ version as well…?
I want to confirm before I invest on the compatible cable.

All VR and mixed reality headsets at the moment require Windows. They work ok on a Mac running Bootcamp, but not at an ideal frame rate. A standalone app for Quest wouldn’t need a computer at all.