Sketchup Viewer not powerful enough?

I have pro 2017 windows 64 bit and an Android Note 4 phone.
After downloading the SU Viewer it freezes up constantly upon opening?
How many mgs can it work on?

Didn’t enable all my cookies - Does SU need to know all my contacts?

What version of Android are you running, it should still run ok as long as you have kept it up to date but impossible to say without more details (including of the size of the model you are trying to view).

I reloaded and let it view contacts but this file is 154MB and not opening?
“unfortunately Sketchup has stopped.”

Does ARCore enabled devices mean you need to use the AR viewing features in order to get the model?'tks

154Mb is pretty heavy to run on a standard computer nevermind a handheld device.

What is the purpose of what you are presenting, you may have better luck making a small animation or perhaps something like SketchFab (has a maximum size of 200mb I believe with a Pro account).

Ed: there is a 500MB model tier available for SketchFab too

SketchFab is pretty cool!

My model is a house I built inside and out in SU. Wanted to show some contractors what is possible on my phone. Are the models private once posted on SF?

Thanks, Billy

software up to date

Sketchfab wants 15$/mo. for 200mg and to be private. tks

Yeah pretty much, 3D cost money :face_with_thermometer:

Maybe take some static renders of the interior/exterior instead ?

Seems like functioning on the ‘Pro 64 bit computer’ and the Android as an app

would be completely different questions…

No information about the computer processor, speed, ram and video card.

If the computer ran the Sketchup program to create the model it should be adequate for Viewer.

Cost - nearly all-featured Sketchup Make doesn’t cost anything.

why not clicking on the provided link:

OK, clicked on link and there’s nothing in there that helps me offer the viewer to a group of professionals who have phones that are not powerful enough to view models over a few mgs, nor willing to purchase equipment for viewing in hulu on Microsoft when its a preliminary demonstration.

only interested in putting the viewer on phones

That is the path I have used - thanks, a pdf of renders

your question asked and quoted is answered:

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