Can't view my models on SketchUp viewer crashes

When I go to download to look at my models that I have created in SketchUp the viewer on my Android phone by the time it almost loads it crashes. Deleted it and reloaded it without any avail. Thanks John

What size is/are the Sketchup File(s)?

Some are simply too big for the Android viewer.

I used to have an Android phone, Galaxy Note 9, with lots of memory, but it tended to choke on models beyond a few tens of MB - up to 30-40MB usually ok, bigger files usually not OK.

But if size alone is not the problem, I don’t know what else might be causing the viewer to crash.

Check the style used within the model…I have some sketchy styles I use that will crash the viewer everytime…sketchup ‘fast’ styles seem to work best

No it’s more than that I can’t view any of my models. My phone flawless we’re talking something new here but I do appreciate you reaching out. Thanks John

I’m sorry to hear that, but have only one more thing to suggest, and it probably won’t help, or you may even have tried it.

Did you mean the .skp file, or the app?

If not the latter, perhaps try uninstalling the viewer from your phone, download it again from the Play Store, and reinstall.

Have you any other Android device like a tablet you can try the Viewer on?

Does a trivially small .skp file not open - nothing more, for example, than a simple rectangle or circle - or does even that crash the app?

Sketchup viewer does not open my files and quits without saying anything. My galaxy s20 ultra has plenty of memory and runs Android 11.
Thanks for help

Alas, there is a known crashing issue with Android 11 on Samsung phones. You can see a post from Barry about this. He works in the mobile team:

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