Sketchup Android Viewer Crash

Cannot open any .skp file.
Crash while load the file.
Android 11 lastest update.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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If you try to reload the app, does it appear in the app-store? Some android devices don’t support the app.
Does the Trimble connect app work? You can also view .skp files in there.

Oh, happy birthday Jack ! :wink:

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I can view the skp file properly before.
But the such issue occurred at this month.
I can launch the app and login.
But crash when loading the skp file.

I am not sure if it exists on android, but do you get a chance to share the crash info after it crashes? It might be a setting or you could send feedback to

The crash just like this.
Unable to report.

I have the same problem, samsung note20ultra,android 11,it appears just after my system update from 10 to 11

Yup, we’re working on it with Samsung: Google devices with Android 11 are OK, but as Samsung rolls out 11, there are issues. I got your crash report too, @ghostkcleung. Thanks. I’ll post here when we have a fix.