Sketchup viewer crashed when opening large file

I am trying to open up a file in the android viewer but the SketchupViewer app always crashes with this particular file. I have tried this on both a Samsung Note 8 (Android 9) as well as a Tab S10 (Android 6.0.1) with the same results.

The file in question opens fine in both the web version of Sketchup as well as in Sketchup Pro 2017.
The file is about 60Mb in size.

Would the file size be the issue?

Does anyone has got any ideas?

It could be the file size, but might not be.

Could you upload the file to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or WeTransfer and provide a link here?

I can try it on Android or iPad tablet.

I’ve just tested a 57MB model in SU Viewer on my iPad and it works fine. Took a few tens of seconds to load, but once open was pretty nippy in orbit or zoom.

Will try in an hour or so on Android tablet, when the battery has recharged.

Thanks for your speedy reply. Unfortunatelly the file in question is proprietary material which I am not allowed to share outside our company walls so I understand if this isues ends here.

If your tablet wont handle it, Trimble Connect’s Viewers (web, desktop and mobile) will most likely handle the model. The model won’t have the style or look that you have in SU but the geometry and textures should be preserved and viewable.


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If you would be will to send it to me as a Private Message link, I can guarantee it will go no further. I’ll try the file, then delete it and not share it with anyone.