Things to know about upgrading to SketchUp Viewer V4 on Android

The recent release of V4 of the SketchUp Viewer app for Android introduces some exciting new features and benefits, including the ability to view models in AR with ARCore enabled devices.

(note: for a complete list of ARCore enabled devices, maintained by the folks at Android, click here)

If you’ve purchased the app at some point in the past, you’ll be granted a free, 1-yr trial to access the AR viewing features. Once you’ve upgraded, the app is designed to automatically detect your prior purchase, and unlock your 1-yr trial.

A couple additional notes to help folks who may encounter issues when upgrading on Android:

  • Please ensure that you are signed in to your device with the same Google Play store account that is associated with your original purchase of the SketchUp Viewer app.
  • When upgrading to V4 on Android, SketchUp Viewer will ask to access your contacts. We need permission to access contacts to confirm that your email address matches the info associated with your Google Play Store purchase info. None of the info from your contacts is stored and we do not attempt to access any other personal contacts.
  • If attempting to upgrade and redeem a free, 1-yr trial of the AR features, you would need to have previously upgraded to (& allowed the app to access contacts when using) at least version 3.1 or newer.
  • For customers with proof of purchase, who have tried troubleshooting and are still encountering issues, or who may not have met the pre-requisites for redeeming a trial (e.g. are trying to upgrade from a version older than 3.1) please contact support at with your proof of purchase and we’ll work with you to help find a solution.
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I’ll be watching this thread in the hope that you find a way to allow V4 to be installed on non ARCore capable Android devices - most especially pure Android tablets. And since I have one of those, anything I can do to help you - just ask!

I’m also curious if you’ve tried installing V4 on a Pixelbook.

Since Google has discontinued the Pixel C and announced no subsequent pure Android tablet, I’ve been thinking about my next tablet. And according to Google and other reviewers, the Pixelbook is able to run almost all Android apps within it’s ChromeOS.

@mics_54 With this most recent update, making SketchUp Viewer free for all, I think we’re now a big step closer to that original vision. Curious to learn more about why you feel otherwise.

I think VR is going to be a very minor method of communication between SU pros and clients. But I probably run in different circles than you. I was impressed with the viewer desktop and mobile app in a time when 2d images we’re the only means to share a model with people that didn’t or couldn’t load and use SU.
If I there is a glitch or other error keeping the Viewer app on play from being compatably specified to my devices that is a different issue and I’ll anxiously await the update.
I merely meant I thought the main focus changed.

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In the interests of answering the installability question for Pixelbooks, I just posted a “Request for Experimentation” over on Google public Pixelbook Users Forum:!topic/pixelbook/QpuPn4Jmspw;context-place=forum/pixelbook

I’ll report back here if I get a response.

7 Minutes later … and I have my first response! Brad says:

I have the new pixelbook and can confirm, it is not compatible. A shame too as it is a good app, maybe in the future it will be supported, best thing to do is contact the devs and let them know about the Pixelbook!

He also included a screenshot:

And another response from Tickmc:

I can confirm the current incompatibility but things are moving so fast with Pixelbook developments that I am sure it will be sooner rather than later.

At this point, I don’t think I’ll post any other replies from the Google Forum, until and unless someone says they were able to install and use V4 on their Pixelbook.

The LG G6 is listed as a compatible device from the list posted in the other room. How come when I try to install this on Google Play, it says my device is not compatible? Please help. I badly need this app.

I think we’re supposed to be patient …or something.

I really hope the SketchUp Viewer team is working making the Android version install similarly to the iOS version:

  1. Allow installation on all Android devices that have the necessary hardware/software necessary for basic function - i.e. don’t require ARCore compliance for installation
  2. Disable the in app purchase of the AR features for devices not ARCore compliance

expectation is the father of disappointment. It used to be that you could purchase software that was compatible with your devices…now you’re supposed to buy devices that are compatible with free software.

@mics_54 I’m already disappointed, so no biggie!

Edit 5 hours later:

No longer disappointed! See:

Alrighty, let’s see how folks get on with the 4.0.1 release that we just published to the Play Store. Should hopefully solve the incompatibility issues folks were seeing and perhaps even relieve some of that disappointment. Appreciate your patience.

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