Sketchup viewer is near useless

I would like to inform Sketchup Viewer is just a total mess.
Not able to use a measure tool.

I should be possible to use such a tool, not everyone need to to pay just to open file and play with the file.

Total mess.

Furethemore it is not even possible to use an old version of this software if the file created is too new.

Not able to export to IFC.

Really strange such a piece of software was not able to evolve in other way (and use IFC open format)

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A viewer is a viewer is a viewer. I understand it is meant for viewing files. Nobody has advertised it having any editing features.
Your opinion is yours. Why should other users be interested in it?

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For someone using the “Free Plan” why do you even need the viewer?

The online viewer does have measuring tools anyway.

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I know is it sometime crual to hear some kind of reality. Poor you.

A viewer is a viewer. Great, I can give you 3-4 tools named viewer and able to do measurement,
Measurment is not editing. Measurement is a tool for final user how do not use Sketchup licence.

Because the file is too big t use online, (50m x 50m x5 floors building).

Usually in professional world, people are exchanging fully open IFC file with can be use in REALLY powerfull free viewer.

According to your forum profile you are using SketchUp Free which is for hobbyist users not professional users. As a hobbyist you can use the web version of SketchUp instead of the viewer to look at your models.

If you need to view IFC files, you should get an IFC viewer. There are many available, free and paying.

The free versions of SketchUp are not for professional use. Therefore no IFC.

Exactly, that what I say.
Everything is fine when you receive IFC file.

Sketchup viewer is clearly not powerful enough and push people to pay for a licence if you want to make measurement on big file.
But when you receive a Sketchup file, you can’t do anything because it is not an open format file.

Trimble should add measurement on viewer, this the minimum

As a hobbyist using the free web version I don’t think you have anything to complain about.

Screenshot - 1_14_2024 , 2_33_05 PM

One can upload a big SketchUp file in Trimble Connect.
Than measure,annotate,share views etc.


I’ve never heard about Trimble Connect,
Just tried my 20Mb file and seems to comply with my need
Seems far more capable than Sketchup web!

Sketchup viewer is a software made to view Sketchup files. Sure, it could use a tape tool, but then again, it hasn’t been updated in a few years, and I expect it to be completely removed sooner or later because of the free online version.
There are IFC viewers made to view IFC, some free, some not.

If your partner gave you SKP files instead of IFC, then yeah, you need sketchup to open them. It’s not really our fault if they didn’t give you an IFC you can open with an IFC viewer.

Since you work for a company currently worth 269 million euros (Atenor), and you’re working on 5 floors / 50x50m buildings, I’m pretty sure you could pay a full license without any trouble.

Actually, since you’re using Sketchup for business anyway, you should use the Pro version. It will allow you to open, view and edit the files you’ve been given, as well as import and export IFC

you mean the professional tool made to (amongs other things) visualise various files is more powerful than the free hobby one ?
yes. yes it is.

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My message when using Sketchup Web.
So far Trimble connect is perfect, not Sketchup

Again, you’re using a free hobbyist version which is not intended for what you are trying to do. You are also violating the EULA for SketchUp Free. No sympathy from here.

so what, it just says it’ll be slower, not that it can’t.

and again, you’re asking the free hobbyist tool to open your big professional model.
it’s not supposed to. it’s not made for that purpose. big professional models are worked in the professional version.

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I’ve never said it is our fault.
That exactly my complaint. There is a viewer which can not allow measurement. It is sad, and not everybody knows the roadmap of Trimble and know to will probably be discontinue.

It is exactly my problem. 1) I already pay so many other software / SAAS than I do not want to pay 600€ / yr just to be able to make some measurement
Usually We do not share SKP file, it is exceptional in this case

I did never heard about this web service Yes it is far more capable. Sorry but Trimble connect page is not very clear about that kind or service.

Finally and it is my conclusion ;

My conclusion is as follows:

We’re wasting time using an almost useless program for measurement functions (the viewer) when there’s a free service (and that’s really great) that Trimble doesn’t really advertise.

And I note that no one accepted criticism of such an obvious and elementary remark until @MikeWayzoski pointed me in the direction of Trimble connect.

At last the problem is solved and that’s the main thing.

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When I worked with my hands and had a shop I had a big truck. It had tool boxes and a ladder rack and room to carry my rigging and site tools. When I needed to work on a timber frame or carpentry project I would take my truck.

I also had bicycles.

When I wanted to rip around the woods and have some fun I would ride my mountain bike.

When I was in the office I would ride my ‘touring’ bike which I had setup with fenders and lights and panniers so I could get groceries on the way home and carry a change of clothes.

When I wanted to ‘go on a long bike ride’ I took my carbon fiber racing machine with a couple of water bottles and a couple of energy bars in my pockets.

I never used the bikes to try and carry my tools to the job site. And I only used the truck to get to the office (when I didn’t need my tools) when the weather was bad or I wasn’t feeling well.

I really don’t understand how so many people on this forum persist hammering in screws.

Learn about the tools. Use the best tool for the job. It’s not hard, but it does require some common sense.


Slow down cowboy, Don’t need nor want your sympathy.
Believe or not, I don’t even know this thing (web) is just for hobbyist.
I do not even be able to use it, in fact. So again, slow down.
Just wanted to open a file and make some measurement, came here and say what I have to say.
Don’t want to break the rules. Now I know. Simple.

As previsouly said : now I know. Simple.

Just want to remind : The first idea is just to open a file using Viewer, an obviouly limited piece of software. Not using web or something else.

Now I know

  1. forbidden to speak about artificial limitation of ketchup viewer
  2. web is for personal project
  3. people are very sensitive about their favorite software
  4. I can understand

The viewer is a viewer. It says it right in the title of the software.

You could have avoided all of this had you started differently:

“I need to view and measure in a SKP file from a client. The viewer doesn’t do this - are there any easy solutions?”

Instead you came in guns blazing cowboy style criticizing a ‘viewer’ for not being able to measure or export…

So, next time ‘hold on cowboy’ and maybe ask for help regarding your problem instead of just ranting about software you don’t seem to understand.

There are lots of people who help each other here, and many of those same people criticize aspects of the software (rightly so, in many cases) - so your comments are off base, cowboy.

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probably because people don’t accept Trimble’s commercial policy of artificially limiting certain parts of their software. It is just a supposition.
Mesureament is probably a small code to add and should help final customer.

Totally aligned.

Just for you to be sure you understand :

  1. just wanted to open a file and make some measurement
  2. it appears the viewer is limited
  3. come here to write my opinion

But it seems forbidden to criticize.
Probably the Voice of Customer is covered by some cowboys

At least I personally closed the topic on positive information :
Trimble connect which is very capable,

Just need to see if I’m allowed to use it in professional environment :slight_smile: